About Tabular Data Lab VRE About Tabular Data Lab VRE

The TabularDataLab VLab was conceived to provide its users with a working environment supporting the management of tabular data, i.e. any dataset that can be represented in a table format. In particular, the environment offers a suite to import, curate, analyse and publish tabular data resources in a collaborative way. Moreover, the environment offers a suite to import, curate, and publish code lists in a collaborative way. In addition to the basic functionalities, as a workspace for sharing objects of interest, a social networking area for supporting the discussions among members and a user management facility for managing membership, this VRE is specifically equipped with the following capability:
  • Tabular Data management: a facility enabling users to import, curate and manage tabular data. This feature can support data managers during the whole life cycle of data management from data capture to publication and visualisation. It enables data managers to import and transform datasets (CSV, SDMX, JSON) into tabular resources (i.e. tabular data having proper types associated with columns eventually referring to code lists) and reference datasets (code lists) representing recognized value instances of the elements the dataset is about (e.g., species, zones, countries). This functionality guarantees that the tabular resources are compliant with the defined types and code lists. Besides the curation, the facility supports the analysis of the data by enabling a user to:
    • Perform operations like grouping and filtering
    • Produce charts and GIS maps (if the data have geographic features)
    • Analyse the data via an R environment as well as via the data analytics facilities
    • Publish of tabular resources in the infrastructure by equipping them with rich metadata

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About BlueBRIDGE About BlueBRIDGE

This VRE has been created in the contest of the BlueBRIDGE project. BlueBRIDGE supports capacity building in interdisciplinary research communities actively involved in increasing scientific knowledge about resource overexploitation, degraded environment and ecosystem with the aim of providing a more solid ground for informed advice to competent authorities and to enlarge the spectrum of growth opportunities as addressed by the Blue Growth Societal Challenge.
BlueBRIDGE capitalizes on past investments and uses the proven D4Science infrastructure that counts over 2000 users, integrates more than 50 repositories, executes around 20,000 models & algorithms per month and provides access to over a billion records in repositories worldwide, with 99,7% service availability. 
For more information about the project please visit us at http://www.bluebridge-vres.eu/