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Services and Tools available in this VRE Services and Tools available in this VRE

BlueBRIDGE services are operated through Virtual Research Environments (VREs).

Virtual Research Environments are systems that provide any user - from different disciplines, institutions, or even countries - with a web-based set of facilities including services, data, and computational facilities.

The Blue Datathon VRE can provide seamless access to the evolving wealth of resources (datasets, services, computing) - usually spread across many providers including e-Infrastructures - needed for the Datathon. Besides generic Data Storage and Sharing Facilities (Workspace) and Communication Facilities, description of each service and tool available is given in the following.

Species Data Discovery Species Data Discovery

An tool enabling users to discover and manage species data products (occurrence data and taxonomic data) from a number of heterogeneous providers including:

Once discovered, objects can be stored in the workspace for future uses;

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Data Miner (Analytics) Data Miner (Analytics)

DataMiner is a data analytics service equipped with a wide collection of algorithms you can use as services. The main classes of problems that can be tackled using such collection are the following:

  • Supervised Machine Learning (regression and calssification)
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning (clustering)
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Stock Assessment Models
  • Database Interaction
  • Taxonomic Search

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RStudio as a Service RStudio as a Service

This tool gives you access a fully-fledged RStudio® working environment directly from the VRE. This environment is integrated with the rest of VRE  enabling the usage of files from the workspace and the storage of new files in the workspace, learn more.

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Tabular Data Manager Tabular Data Manager

This tool allows users to import, curate and manage tabular data, supporting data managers during the whole life cycle of data management from data capture to publication and visualisation.

It is possible to import and transform datasets (CSV, SDMX, JSON) into tabular resources (i.e. tabular data having proper types associated with columns eventually referring to code lists) and reference datasets (code lists) representing recognized value instances of the elements the dataset is about (e.g., species, zones, countries).

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Geospatial Data View Geospatial Data View

A web tool enabling users to discover and visualize GIS layers, e.g. species distribution maps that have been generated and published. It is possible to effectively exploit the generated maps and to perform comparisons and analysis of the diverse distributions by enabling map overlay, transects production and values inspection.

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LifeWatch Greece Datasets LifeWatch Greece Datasets

The VRE provides access to LifeWatch Greece portal, you can exploit, discover their biodiversity datasets through the Data Services that are provided by the LifeWatchGreece portal. The datasets that have been imported so far contain time-dependent information (e.g. occurrence of marine species). The data have been imported from the Greek biodiversity community and are exposed through the LifeWatch Greece Data Services Facilities.

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About Blue Datathon VRE About Blue Datathon VRE

All data enthusiasts: data scientists and practitioners, students, researchers, representatives from both private and public sector, that work to improve the aquaculture, fisheries, marine and environmental management, or develop ICT solutions for environmental and socio economics are invited to join the datathon co-organised by the RDA-Europe and BlueBRIDGE from June 15 to 16, 2017, in Heraklion, Crete, Greece.

About BlueBRIDGE About BlueBRIDGE

This VRE has been created in the contest of the BlueBRIDGE project. BlueBRIDGE supports capacity building in interdisciplinary research communities actively involved in increasing scientific knowledge about resource overexploitation, degraded environment and ecosystem with the aim of providing a more solid ground for informed advice to competent authorities and to enlarge the spectrum of growth opportunities as addressed by the Blue Growth Societal Challenge.
BlueBRIDGE capitalizes on past investments and uses the proven D4Science infrastructure that counts over 2000 users, integrates more than 50 repositories, executes around 20,000 models & algorithms per month and provides access to over a billion records in repositories worldwide, with 99,7% service availability. 
For more information about the project please visit us at http://www.bluebridge-vres.eu/ 

About RDA Europe About RDA Europe

RDA Europe: the European plug-in to the Research Data Alliance (RDA).
The Research Data Alliance (RDA) is an international member-based organisation focused on the development of infrastructure and community activities to reduce the social and technical barriers to data sharing and re-use and to promote the acceleration of data driven innovation and discovery worldwide.
RDA Europe, the European plug-in to RDA, is mandated to ensure that European political, research, industrial and digital infrastructure stakeholders are aware of, engaged with and actively involved in the global RDA activities.
For more information about RDA Europe please visit https://www.rd-alliance.org