About Aquaculture Training Lab VRE About Aquaculture Training Lab VRE

The Aquaculture Training Lab VRE is conceived to provide its users with a set of aquafarming assessment tools enabling them to perform evaluation growth analysis and techno-economic investment analysis.




aquafarming assessment tools, evaluation growth analysis, techno-economic investment analysis


Main services and functionalities:

In addition to the basic functionalities, as a workspace for sharing objects of interest and a user management facility for managing membership, this VRE is specifically equipped with the following capabilities:

  • Setup Site: a facility to create one or more profiles representing a site of interest (an installation of aquafarm facilities) by specifying its geographic location, the oxygen rate, the current rate, and the average temperature per half of each month along the year
  • Setup Model: a facility to create one or more simulation models estimating the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the growth of a species based on the historic samplings data. KPIs include Feed Conversion Rate (FCR), Growth Rate per Day (GPD), Specific Growth Rate (SGR), Suggested Feeding Rate (SFR), and Mortality Rate (MR). Each model is characterised by the site, the name of the species of interest, the broodstock quality, the feed quality, whether the broodstock is improved genetically, and a series of datasets recording monthly sampling data
  • What-if Analysis: a facility enabling users to perform what-if analysis by using a model among the defined ones. This facility produces an estimation of the main KPIs according to the selected model given the initial stock count, the initial fish weight, and the period of interest. Users are provided with an estimation of main KPIs including Average Weight, Life To Date (LTD) Growth, LTD SGR, LTD Biological and Economical FCR, and LTD Mortality. Moreover, graphs reporting Weight, FCR comparing with the global trend of FCR for benchmarking purposes and Food Consumption graph in the specific time period can be produced
  • Techno-Economic Investment Analysis: a facility enabling users to perform a techno economic estimation analysis of a given aquafarming task by selecting a production model and a series of economic indicators including feed price, fry price and selling price. The facility provides the user with a series of financial indicators and statistics including Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA), Earnings Before Interest Alter Taxes (EBIAT)

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This VRE has been created in the contest of the BlueBRIDGE project. BlueBRIDGE supports capacity building in interdisciplinary research communities actively involved in increasing scientific knowledge about resource overexploitation, degraded environment and ecosystem with the aim of providing a more solid ground for informed advice to competent authorities and to enlarge the spectrum of growth opportunities as addressed by the Blue Growth Societal Challenge.
BlueBRIDGE capitalizes on past investments and uses the proven D4Science infrastructure that counts over 2000 users, integrates more than 50 repositories, executes around 20,000 models & algorithms per month and provides access to over a billion records in repositories worldwide, with 99,7% service availability. 
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